Air Handlers in Roswell County

Reliable Services for an Important Component in Your HVAC

Depending on your unique needs, Air Handler Units can be a great choice for your home. Stay Cool Heating and Cooling offers a complete range of air handler system services for the greater North Atlanta, Georgia, communities. We’re proud to be the preferred provider for all of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning needs.

Air handler designs typically consist of heating and cooling elements, filters, dampers, and other related components. If any of these components begin to fail, that can significantly affect the efficiency of your unit, which means wasted money on higher electricity bills. Good thing the pros at Stay Cool Heating and Cooling have the right experience and equipment needed to repair or help you replace your air handler in Gwinnett County!

The solution is clear: Call Stay Cool Heating and Cooling today at (678) 392-3623 for the best air handler and other HVAC system services in Roswell, Alpharetta,  Gwinnett County, Dekalb County, and surrounding counties.

Locating Your Air Handler

The type of system can affect where in your home the air handler is located. There are three common types of cooling and heating systems used in residential and commercial properties.

They are:

  • Split type air conditioner and furnace - In such systems, an outdoor unit is installed on the rooftop or the open side wall of the house while the furnace is often placed in the attic or a closet. With this setup, the air handler is part of the furnace.
  • Split heat pump - This type of system bears a close resemblance to the spit type air system. The difference is that it is without a furnace and the outside unit covers both heating and cooling. In addition, there is an air handler unit placed on the interior of the home that is responsible for distributing hot or cool air into the ducting system.
  • Packaged air conditioning and heating - In this type of system your air handler is integrated into an outdoor unit, so all heating, cooling and air handling are integrated into a single exterior unit.

    Regardless of the system you have installed or would like to install, our Roswell-based HVAC service professionals have the best training, experience, and equipment around to take care of your needs.

    All you need to do is reach out to the best. Contact Stay Cool Heating and Cooling today at (678) 392-3623 for all your air handler needs.


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